Info - Content Challenge Board - Rules


The Content Challenge Board is a program that pays developers to create Community Content. The main goals of the program are to provide high quality content that other developers can use to streamline game development, as well as to provide a revenue stream for content creators.


  • Learn New Things
  • Improve Your Skills
  • Challenge Yourself
  • Meet Other Creators
  • Establish Yourself In The Community
  • Develop Better Games


Currently, you must be a member of the Core Perks program to be eligible. If you are interested in participating, please submit an application as described below.


This program strives to provide fair compensation to creators in a cooperative environment.

  • Compensation For All Entrants
    Every entrant is eligible for a payment! Payment amounts vary and are listed under each Challenge.

  • Cooperative Development
    Since every entrant is eligible for payment, Challenges are intended to be a cooperative effort to build quality content, rather than a competitive effort against other developers.


In order to be able to offer the benefits above, the following limitations are required.

  • Limited Entries Per Challenge
    Each Challenge now has a limited number of entries. Limiting the number of entrants makes it possible to offer payment to every entrant.

  • A Creator Can Only Enter One Challenge (per cycle)
    Creators can only participate in a single Challenge at a time per Content Challenge Board cycle. This allows the remaining open slots to be filled by other developers.


How To Apply

Click here to view the Application Form.



  • Each Challenge will list the maximum payout available per entrant.
  • The exact payment amount for each entrant will be based on the quality of the entrant’s work as described in the criteria below.
  • Entrants will be notified via the forum messaging system of their payout.
  • Payments will be made through an entrant’s Tipalti account. For more information on Tipalti, including potential tax implications, please see our Help Center article.


Judging Criteria & Best Practices



Please note that these rules are subject to change.

  1. You must be in the Core Perks program to enter.
  2. You can only enter one Challenge at a time during each Content Challenge Board cycle.
  3. Unless otherwise stated in the Challenge, the submitted content must be your own original work.
  4. Content cannot be copied from Community Content, Team Meta projects, open-editable content, or any other openly shared Core content.
  5. Content is ineligible if it has been previously submitted to the Content Challenge Board, or has been previously awarded a prize by Core.

May 2021: Chat Based Mini Game [CLOSED]
December 2021 - Content Challenge - Holiday Scene [CLOSED]
December 2021 - Content Challenge - NPC Set [CLOSED]
December 2021 - Content Challenge - Window State Manager [CLOSED]
December 2021 - Content Challenge - Dynamic Ropes [CLOSED]
November 2021 - Content Challenge - Cityscape [CLOSED]
November 2021 - Content Challenge - Store UI [CLOSED]
November 2021 - Content Challenge - House Decorating System [CLOSED]
November 2021 - Content Challenge - Optimized Storage [CLOSED]
October 2021 - Content Challenge - Halloween Props [CLOSED]
October 2021 - Content Challenge - Damageable Objects [CLOSED]
October 2021 - Content Challenge - AI Bots [CLOSED]
October 2021 - Content Challenge - Reward Chest Animation [CLOSED]
September 2021 - Content Challenge - Farming Asset Pack [CLOSED]
September 2021 - Content Challenge - Mining Assets & Effects [CLOSED]
September 2021 - Content Challenge - Reward Points [CLOSED]
September 2021 - Content Challenge - 3D Animations [CLOSED]
August 2021: Battle Zone Map [CLOSED]
August 2021: Magic Spells [CLOSED]
August 2021: GUI Animations [CLOSED]
August 2021: Drag & Drop System [CLOSED]
July 2021: Interior Design [CLOSED]
July 2021: Skyboxes [CLOSED]
July 2021: Farm Plots [CLOSED]
July 2021: Sports Ball Mechanics [CLOSED]
June 2021: Land Based Vehicles [CLOSED]
June 2021: Weapons Pack [CLOSED]
June 2021: Notification System [CLOSED]
June 2021: Improved Server To Client Networking [CLOSED]
May 2021: Sci-Fi Buildings [CLOSED]
May 2021: User Interface Kit [CLOSED]
May 2021: Improved NPC Dialog System [CLOSED]
April 2021: Medieval Buildings Construction Kit [CLOSED]
April 2021: Environment Map [CLOSED]
April 2021: Creator Friendly Perks [CLOSED]
January 2022 - Content Challenge - Social Space
April 2021: Weapon Scope View [CLOSED]
January 2022 - Content Challenge - Dungeon Tileset
January 2022 - Content Challenge - Concurrent Storage
January 2022 - Content Challenge - Nameplates