September 2021 - Content Challenge - Farming Asset Pack [CLOSED]


Start Date: September 10, 2021
Due Date: September 30, 2021 (by end of day, Pacific Time)


Each entrant is eligible for a payment of up to $400, with a minimum of $100 if the entry meets the minimum standards. The exact payment amount for each entrant will be based on the quality of the entrant’s work.


The goal of this Challenge is to create assets and props related to farming so that other creators can build great looking farms!


Art Style
You can use any art style that you want from realistic to cartoonish.

Design anything related to a farm or farming. Some ideas include:

  • Crops Growing (include various growth stages)
  • Plots and Field Areas
  • Apple Trees
  • Flowers
  • Fences & Gates
  • Barns
  • Sheds
  • Farm Houses
  • Farm Stands
  • Crates & Barrels
  • Silos
  • Wells
  • Windmills
  • Chicken Coops
  • Pig Pens
  • Horse Stables
  • Horse Corrals
  • Farm Equipment
  • Farm Tractors and Vehicles
  • Wagons and Carts
  • Hay Bales
  • Anything else related to farming!


There are many farming games on all the platforms that you can watch on Twitch and YouTube. You can get a lot of ideas by looking at the various farm assets in these games. There is also a large range of art styles and designs.


  • Create a large variety of farming assets of your own design.

  • Present your work with all the assets arranged in a nice farm scene.

Judging Criteria

  • Your work should strive to meet the updated criteria below.

  • View the full Judging Criteria.


If you have any questions, then please visit the Challenge Board channels on the Core VIP Discord server.


How To Apply

For instructions on how to apply, please visit the Application Form post.


Submitting Your Work

  • Your application acceptance message includes instructions on how to submit your work.
  • Entrants must submit their work by the deadline listed in the Challenge in order to be considered for payment.
  • Failure to submit your work on time may affect your eligibility for future Challenges.


More Information

For detailed information about the rules, judging criteria, and best practices please visit the Challenge Board Info & Rules post.