December 2021 - Content Challenge - Window State Manager [CLOSED]


Start Date: December 10, 2021
Due Date: December 31, 2021 (by end of day, Pacific Time)


Each entrant is eligible for a payment of up to $400, with a minimum of $100 if the entry meets the minimum standards. The exact payment amount for each entrant will be based on the quality of the entrant’s work.


Window management is something that almost every game needs to handle such things as window visibility and window active state. For example, one common need is to close all other windows, when a new window is opened by the player. This prevents window clutter and windows overlapping each other.

The goal of this challenge is to create a window state manager that makes it easy to show or hide windows, or to set their active state.


Visibility Functions
Provide functionality which makes it easy to handle common window visibility tasks such as:

  • Open and close windows.

  • Get a list of all windows and their current visibility.

  • The ability to close all or a subset of windows automatically when the game state changes, such as the round start.

  • The ability to allow only a single window to be open at a time.
    When the player opens a new window, close all other windows.
    For example, if another window is open, and the player presses a button to open the shop, then the shop window should open, and all other windows should close.

  • The ability to allow specified windows to be open at the same time.
    When the player opens a new window, close other windows except those specified.
    For example, a game may want the main store window and the purchase confirmation dialog box to be open at the same time.

Active State Functions
An active window refers to the window that is front most and that the user is interacting with. An inactive window is a window that is in the back and not being interacted with. The latter is often dimmed and does not accept input to show that it is inactive.

Provide functionality to handle the active state of the window:

  • Set and get the active state.
  • Get a list of all windows and their current state.

Provide an easy to use API that handles the above features.


  • Networked Custom Properties
    Networked Custom Properties can now be set in the Client Context, which makes it easy to store client information such as the window visibility or active state.


  • Design a window state manager with as many of the above features as possible.

  • Provide examples with windows that show the functionality of your system.

Judging Criteria

  • Your work should strive to meet the criteria below.

  • View the full Judging Criteria.


If you have any questions, then please visit the challenge board channels on the Core VIP Discord server.


How To Apply

For instructions on how to apply, please visit the Application Formpost.


Submitting Your Work

  • Your application acceptance message includes instructions on how to submit your work.
  • Entrants must submit their work by the deadline listed in the Challenge in order to be considered for payment.
  • Failure to submit your work on time may affect your eligibility for future Challenges.


More Information

For detailed information about the rules, judging criteria, and best practices please visit the Challenge Board Info & Rules post.