July 2021: Interior Design [CLOSED]


Start Date: July 12, 2021
Due Date: July 31, 2021 (by end of day, Pacific Time)


Each entrant is eligible for a payment of up to $400, with a minimum of $100 if the entry meets the minimum standards. The exact payment amount for each entrant will be based on the quality of the entrant’s work.


The goal of this Challenge is to create interior designs, which creators can use to quickly fill out the interior of their buildings. The interior layouts should include furniture, decorations, props, and lighting to make the spaces look as good as possible.

You only have to design the interior - you do not have to design the building exterior. This could be as simple as creating a rectangular room, and adding furniture and decorations. Or it could be more complex, such as designing the interior of an entire building, with various rooms and floors.

Interior Designs

Your designs should be presented as complete rooms with all the furniture and decorations in place. An analogy in real life would be a furniture showroom in which each of the rooms have a nice furniture layout and design.


Choose whichever themes that you like. For modern settings, some ideas are office interiors, store interiors, public building interiors, or residence interiors. For older settings, ideas include tavern interiors, inn interiors, housing interiors, crafting interiors, fantasy interiors, or castle interiors.


Use layout dimensions that will work for common interior room sizes. Consider sizing your designs for a certain grid size.

Core Editor

Try to design interiors that have character and lots of detail. The Core editor provides many objects to work with.

  • Props
    The editor provides many interior props as well as more general props. Or consider designing your own furniture, decorations, or props.

  • Materials
    Don’t forget that you can easily adjust the color and other material properties of the props for a unique look.

  • Lighting
    Lighting is very important for interior spaces, and should be included in your design. Lighting could be in the form of accent lighting, which illuminates and emphasizes certain areas. Lighting can also include actual light fixtures, with lighting effects, such as lamps, torches, or fireplaces.


Ideas and inspiration can come from other games, movies, or conceptual art. Online conceptual art can be viewed at ArtStation or DeviantArt, for example.



  • Create interior designs for a minimum of 6 rooms.


For updates and questions, please visit the #challenge-board channel on the Core VIP Discord server.


How To Apply

For instructions on how to apply, please visit the Application Form post.


Submitting Your Work

  • Your application acceptance message includes instructions on how to submit your work.
  • Entrants must submit their work by the deadline listed in the Challenge in order to be considered for payment.
  • Failure to submit your work on time may affect your eligibility for future Challenges.


More Information

For detailed information about the rules, judging criteria, and best practices please visit the Challenge Board Info & Rules post.