October 2021 - Content Challenge - Reward Chest Animation [CLOSED]


Start Date: October 12, 2021
Due Date: October 31, 2021 (by end of day, Pacific Time)


Each entrant is eligible for a payment of up to $500, with a minimum of $125 if the entry meets the minimum standards. The exact payment amount for each entrant will be based on the quality of the entrant’s work.


Video games have mastered the art of presenting reward chests to players. These are finely tuned, audio and visual masterpieces of design. Based on human psychology, these are designed to trigger senses and emotions that make the player feel happy and satisfied. This plays an important role in games, and top game developers put a lot of time and effort into creating such reward animations.

The goal of this challenge is to create a great looking 2D animation of a reward chest opening. This makes it easy for other creators to add reward chest animations to their game.


Some features to consider are listed below.

2D Animation
For this challenge, the animation should be done in 2D by animating UI elements. See the resource listed below for pre-built animation libraries that you can use.

Audio & Visual
The animations should include both audio and visual aspects with the primary goal being to make the player feel happy and great about their reward.

Prior to opening the chest, build up the anticipation so that players are excited about what can be inside. This can be done with design hints. For example, in Hearthstone when you hover over an unrevealed card, it glows with a color indicating the card rarity. A blue glow indicates a rare card, a purple glow an epic card, etc. This is part of the design that maximizes the excitement and anticipation of opening up the reward.

Animation Length
The animation length needs to be just right to feel important to those opening a single reward, but not too tedious for those opening many rewards in a row. Consider using a custom property to allow creators to override the default animation length.

Provide a way for creators to start the animation via a script. Provide any other useful functionality.

Send events for the animation start and end, so that creators can listen for these events and add custom handlers.

Consider adding customization properties that allow the animation to be customized by creators. Custom properties can be used to customize just about any aspect of the animation and its assets.

Multiple Designs
Create at least two distinct animations to give creators different designs to choose from. That way they can choose one animation for one type of reward, and another animation for another type of reward.


For 2D animations, mobile games have many great examples of reward chest animations. When you play or watch games, take notes whenever you see a reward animation. Analyze the anticipation, design, sounds, effects, and timing of the animation.

Helpful Resource


  • Create two or more reward chest animations of your own design with as many of the features above as possible.

Judging Criteria

  • Your work should strive to meet the updated criteria below.

  • View the full Judging Criteria.


If you have any questions, then please visit the challenge board channels on the Core VIP Discord server.


How To Apply

For instructions on how to apply, please visit the Application Formpost.


Submitting Your Work

  • Your application acceptance message includes instructions on how to submit your work.
  • Entrants must submit their work by the deadline listed in the Challenge in order to be considered for payment.
  • Failure to submit your work on time may affect your eligibility for future Challenges.


More Information

For detailed information about the rules, judging criteria, and best practices please visit the Challenge Board Info & Rules post.

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