Info - Content Challenge Board - Judging Criteria & Best Practices

Judging Criteria

The judging will be based on the following criteria.

Usefulness To Creators

The primary objective is to create content that is useful to other creators. The goal is to create content that is downloaded frequently and used in many games. Avoid creating content that is too niche or limited in scope.

Ease Of Use

The content should be as intuitive and easy to use as possible. Other creators should be able to use your content as quickly and easily as possible, without having to do anything on their own.

Challenge Criteria

Please be sure to meet the challenge requirements and include as many of the requested features as possible. Consider going beyond just the minimum requirements.


For technical projects, documentation is one of the most important criteria. Include a readme file that describes how to use your content. Make it as easy as possible for other developers to understand how to implement your system. Clearly format your documentation to make it easy to read. Consider including a summary, quick start guide, and detailed usage instructions.


The presentation of your work is very important. When creators open your content, it should be shown in an appealing manner. For modeling, this may be a nice scene showing all the models. For UI, this may be a good looking GUI layout. For coding, this may be a working example out of the box showing all the features.


We are looking for high quality content. We want your content to be among the best in Community Content.


Your content should be free of bugs, and should have good performance.

Best Practices

User Friendly

  • Make your content as intuitive and user friendly as possible.


  • Groups and folders should be well named and organized.


  • Model origins should be positioned properly to best align with the floor or grid.


  • Always include documentation such as a readme file, as described above.
  • Scripts should use clean, readable code with extensive comments.
  • Consider using Lua Modules so that developers can easily require and call the module functions.
  • Custom properties should include ToolTip descriptions (right click and choose Set Custom Property ToolTip).


  • Use groups instead of folders
  • Watch the network object count
  • Watch the model object count
  • Use Merged Models for detailed models