[Core Certification] Part I - Showcase your work!

Hey Core Creators!

We released a new course on Core Academy called Core Certification. This course is divided into four parts that are all teaching you everything you need to know about Core's systems.

This thread is the best place for you to showcase and share what you have made during the first part of this Certification called Models and Content (available here)

Reply to this thread with a message containing:

  • screenshots and gifs of your creations
  • if you reached the end, the link of the unlisted project.
  • feedback on the course and if anything could be improved

We can't wait to look at what you have made!


Overall the course was really easy to follow and covered all the basics! Can't wait for the future parts :smiley:

Here is a link to my project: Core Certification Part 1 by Ducain23 - Core Games


Here is my work.
for the occasion I also dedicated myself to making the tree house with a fantasy furniture.


Here you go.. Not so fancy or cool but i tried my best.

Cant wait for part 2-4 :slight_smile:


Having fun learning Core!


Furniture: Magic Glass Cofee Table


So, being a scripter, I have decided to give this a go. Fun so far :smiley:

For the Kitbashing part, I made a Lamp Post. (yeah, I severely lack creativity :rofl: )

And the tree house: (Sorry, only noticed after completing that Neon was already used)

Looking forward to the next parts :slight_smile:

EDIT: Forgot to post feedback on the course. Sorry. I was time constrained and tried to skip doing the treehouse as first, so had to backtrack a few steps to get the instructions. The course was quite informative. I have spent a lot of time with the Editor (Not really doing anything, still learning), and I learned a few new things today. Easy to follow instructions even for an old dude like me :rofl:


Core certification part I
Add the jacuzzi if you want to relax
Thanks for the courses


LINK TO THE GAME: Core Certification - Part 1 by ab192130 - Core Games



Link to project: Gan's Core Certification by GanTheGrey - Core Games


I really enjoyed this first part of the course. I had been looking to get into CORE for awhile and this was the perfect opportunity.

For my kitbash I went with the one thing I'd actually want. I build a Gaming Table! A table for board gaming to be precise. Didn't see that anyone had made one yet!

This is a screenshot of my overall mini world. I added the treehouse in the back surrounded by some tall trees and fallen leaves.

Here is the link to the unlisted project.
Core Certification (Part 1) Unlisted Link

For someone who is just getting into game design and coding I think this is a great place to start! Looking forward to more.


Enjoyed completing the Core Certification Part 1 module and the tasks.

Here is my unlisted Project

For my kitbash item I made a Comfy Lounger Chair and added it to the deck!

Platform Screenshot 2021.11.27 -|690x388


Additional creation: small rock pond


very good course, I haven't even seen the time spent, thank you Caillef

the sceenshoot of my project:

the link of my project:



I think the course was good in general, there were only at some points I wasn't quite sure about the instructtions. For example I wasn't sure if I were to keep the table invisible or make it visible again after changing material. Another example is if I had to publish the the template I made as public or if private was good enough, so I went with private. Lastly, I wasn't sure that it was a requirement to publish in the forum right away to get this part completed, as I understood it I should just keep the link and send it later. The rest of the course was good, and experimenting with materials were fun :slight_smile:



thanks for creating the core certification course, it's worth gold for beginners!

I have a good feeling now about how the very basics of the core editor are working and how to control them.

I noticed some points / errors / mistakes and want to share them together with my project.

Here they are:

Core Interface

-- [ALT] Orbit around Object doesn't work
-- [ALT+LEFT-MOUSE] Works, but you need to check "Orbit around selection" in the Editor Camera Settings

-- [C] Slow Movement Rate doesn't work
-- [STRG] Works

-- [=] Start/Stop doesn't work, as well as [Shift+=]
-- it's also not possible to rebind [=] in the Creator-Bindings

Some of them might not work because I have a german QWERTZ keyboard layout, but i'm not sure about that.

Other than that it was easy to follow the course :+1:

Here is my project:


Hey there, I just wrapped up on the first two parts of the certification courses. Below is a screenshot of both my overall result and my kitbashed model of a "Pirate Table". The unlisted project can be found here

For my feedback on the course, my main suggestion would be to add notes for when UI may appear different in screenshots versus in the editor. While small differences, for the most part, these small differences can be extra confusing for those not as familiar with programs similar to Core and are confusing at best for anyone. Great course though, and otherwise super easy to follow along with!


Hi everyone!
There is my experience of Core.

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Here is a link to my project: Core Certification Part 1 by Ohxcuseme

This was a great course, to really get an understanding of how to navigate the platform and build games quickly. I come from Roblox, and this is really exciting. Can't wait to dive into the next parts.


Certification I Screenshots & Link

Link: https://www.coregames.com/games/1a7d94/cert-i


Hello everyone!

Learning from Core academy and documentation is great experience so far!

Here are my screenshots:

Here is the link: [Core Participation] I yes! by Zo.ran - Core Games