[Core Certification] Part III - Showcase your work!

Hey Core Creators!

We released the third part of the Core Certification about Gameplay Objects.
If you haven't shared what you've made during the first two parts, post a reply in this thread for the part I (click here) and in this thread for the part II (click here))

This thread is the best place for you to showcase and share what you have made during this third part of the Certification called Gameplay Objects (available here) ).

Reply to this thread with a message containing:

  • the screenshot of your scene
  • the link of the unlisted project.
  • feedback on the course and if anything could be improved

We can't wait to look at what you have made!


First again.. :roll_eyes: hehe

Scene screenshot:

Wow. So many new things to learn this time around.

For the "Create your own gun" part I chose to kitbash the Devastator from the Ratchet & Clank game. This was my reference:

And this is how it turned out:

Some parts were quite tricky to figure out but the overall result I think looks great. It was kitbashed into the Advanced Rocket Launcher weapon with no other modifications and also uploaded to CC.

The course was good this time around. The only problem I noticed was that the "Teleporters" section was basically done in the scene so there was nothing else to do there. Other than that, no problems at all.

And now we wait for the final part ... :blush:

Unlisted Project link: Core Certification Part III by MehGyver - Core Games

Happy holidays to all, can't wait to be back in the new year :smiley:


Hi again xd

"Create your own gun", it was little bit hard for me because i've played lot of games and have no clue which guns i should create but now i know what i want to create so i chose Blaster gun from Jak and Daxter game.

I like this course, i learned much about this game.. Teleporter got me confused because its already done xd.

Unlisted link : Core Certification Part 3 by OOrmak - Core Games

Can't wait for final part :smiley:


I can't wait either. Scripting is next. Are you any good at it?


I know scripting is next. I wouldn't say i'm good at it, just learning. But it will be fine :^)


The weapon i choose is Star Fox Blaster now is in CC


This is great and thanks for releasing the third part . Looking forward to completing this and sharing my results :slightly_smiling_face:

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Nice work @coycoat I'll be sharing mine shortly :grin:

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That weapon looks super clever @OOrmak . I've played Jak and Daxter so it was nice to see you recreate it here :grin:

Wow everyone is making such cool weapons here :100: Ratchet & Clank is another favorite of mine. Looking forward to seeing how many other classic weapons from games played will surface here :grin: @MehGyver :grin:


Thank you :slight_smile:

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:smile: Thank you friend

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Phew, this one was time consuming :smiley:

But also alot of fun!

Unlisted Project:

I decided to kitbash the Shock Rifle from Unreal Tournament 2004:







Thanks for the great course!

Btw: the weapons re-creations here are pretty awesome! I never thought it would be that cool. I give everyone here an award :medal_military: :smiley: :+1:


Hello :wave:

Here is my Core Certification Part III unlisted project - Portal Meets Flower Power

This was fun to work through and I found it very helpful to further expand my skillset.

I kitbashed the Portal Gun from the game Portal:-

Portal Gun from the Game:-

Portal Gun

and here are a few more screenshots starting off with the Project Scene, showing the Lobby, Coins, Punch and Gun UI:-

and some action shots showing the Lobby:-

and the Kill Zone:-

I kept the kitbashed Flower Power Gun and here it is in action:-

and finally my Kitbashed Hat inspired from the Witch from the Wizard of Oz, with a slight twist that the black hat was going to be too dull and boring for this project so I cheered it up :smiley: slightly :laughing:

Looking forward to Scripting Part IV :slightly_smiling_face:


Really really nice

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This was fun. I learned a lot. I did have a few issues, which I send some feedback on, but all in all it was a great course.

Here is my project file: Core Certification III - by Ohxcuseme

This is a screen shot of the project:

And here is a screen shot of my gun and hat:

Screenshot 2022-01-07 170144

I'm excited to see the scripting course.


My hat is not great I need to work on that more :grin:

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What inspired the gun and the hat you made? Was it from a game or movie?

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Very interesting portion of the course. I'll be doing a lot more experimentation with this of course.

Here is my unlisted scene:

Core Certification Part III Unlisted Scene

A photo of my working scene:

And my gun, the Needler from Halo. This part challenged me. I really had to work through this. I am pretty happy with my result. It's interesting what you can do when kit bashing.
Needler Gun

Looking forward to final part, as well as taking the other courses!


I also thought about kitbashing the needler gun first :stuck_out_tongue:

I'm glad to see that someone did this :slight_smile:

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Nice job on the Halo Needler gun. Fun idea.