[Core Certification] Part IV - Showcase your work!

Hey Core Creators!

We released the last part of the Core Certification about Scripting and the Core API.
If you haven't shared what you've made during the first three parts, post a reply in this thread for the part I (click here), in this thread for the part II (click here) ), and here for the part III.

This thread is the best place for you to showcase and share what you have made during this last part of the Certification called Scripting and Core API (available here) .

Reply to this thread with a message containing:

  • the screenshot of your scene
  • the link of the unlisted project.
  • feedback on the course and if anything could be improved

We can't wait to look at what you have made!


Hmmmm.. First again :smiley: It would seem that I don't have a life.. :rofl:

Some screenshots of the project:

Feedback on this part of the course: No issues this time around other than me not being able to figure out the axis on which the coin should rotate :rofl: Also, I would have loved to actually implement a cape and boots and the ring, etc, but I am not familiar with how to do that yet, so I settled on different colored hats each with their own ability (as per examples given in course).

Thank you @caillef and the team for putting the course together. It has certainly helped me a whole bunch, and I appreciate your efforts :blush: I have learned so much and even implemented a bunch of what I learned during the course into my own game which is slowly expanding. Due to my timezone I am unable to attend any livestreams or bootcamps, etc. so this and the Let's Build series really is helping a lot. I am really excited to be here and look forward to growing with the platform :partying_face:

Unlisted Project link: Core Certification Part IV by MehGyver - Core Games


I really enjoyed this one. I went ahead and added highlighting and disabling on the ui buttons. I thought I was going to be able to do that quick... until it didn't work in the multiplayer test mode. I finally got it all working though and this project really got me to test, test, test in multiplayer mode! :grin:

Oh... I do have the ring positioned on the left index finger if you give a try and can't see it right away.


This is my certification part 4.

I added to the shop concept just for fun.

I also added a storage deletion panel for testing and the added experience.

I feel like I learned a lot through out the 4 courses but I would like to see more cross referencing between the projects (reminders of things we did before and how they work together).


Here is my unlisted scene showing the implementations.

CORE Certification IV Unlisted Scene

I will admit I had a bit of trouble with this one. However I was able to take a look at the code and implement things learned from earlier sessions to make it through.


Unlisted project: Core Certification Part IV by Matthew8885 - Core Games

Great course. Clear instructions. learned a lot.


Thank you very much for the course!

I found 1 little mistake in step 8/10 (ObjectSpawner): In the script the field is called spawnObject but when using this field it's called spawnedObj.

Just wanted to point that out.

Thanks again :slight_smile: :tada:


Core Certification Pt 4

Self-Spawning Coins and Equipment/Resource Save/Load Carryover

Shop Demo

Project Link: Core Certification Pt 4 Project

Comments: This was super fun, but there were typos in at least one of the demo scripts. Also, the coin amount is tested in the client so if the user doesn't have enough coins, they get the client error message - it never gets sent to the server script and therefore doesn't display the error from the server (the text says you should get the server error message if you don't have enough coins).


Super Formation...


Finally here i am.

Nothing wrong with this course, it was pretty fine.
I'm glad i did them


Here is a link to my project: Core Certification Part 4 by jetSonic

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Start of Core Certification Part IV



Shop UI

There is my contribution for this fourth part.

Core Certification Part IV by Mokudjinn - Core Games

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I know i dont add more items to buy on the shop but its good like this^^ ty for the core certifications^^

Project : Cert4 by iamcapote - Core Games

Programming is where I feel most at home; Core is pretty solid on this; here is my link for part 4

Shop, Gems, and Hat

Link: Core4Proj by mossynodes - Core Games

Hi, here's my project. This was the most fun out of all of the courses so far.

Instead of coins or gems ... I chose bananas as my currency.
I also increased the hat equip currency bonus from 2 to 20.

Unlisted Project: Core Certification Part IV by Skinny.Dork - Core Games

Screenshot of project:

Screenshot of Shop:

Some course issues:

  1. There’s an error for the Full ShopServer script on line 10:

Save and Load Objects - Core Academy (coregames.com)

What it looks like:
torage.hat = HAT_REF

What it should look like (just missing the small “s” at the beginning of the line):
storage.hat = HAT_REF

  1. When I wanted to add an additional item to my shop (in my case, I tried adding pants), I couldn't get the pants to move when I walked. They were just stagnant. Maybe add something about using Humanoid articles of clothing. That would be cool.

  2. Maybe show us how to disallow a purchase after it has already been bought. I bought like 30 hats. :slight_smile: