Tezuki (Zukies) Many CC's For your Pleasure

Many CC's For your pleasure "To find all them at once, type Zukies in community content"

Farm Animals from my game "Tycoon Farmers"

  • Zukies -TF - Horse (Props)
  • Zukies - 3 Chickens (Props)
  • Zukies - TF - Cow (Props)
  • Zukies -TF - Goat Model (Props)

Pictures Of those animals...
Sans titre-2
Sans titre-4
Sans titre-6
Sans titre-8

More Animals

  • Zukies -ZFP - Camel (Props)
  • Zukies - Barry Contest
    (The last one is an Robot Scorpio)

Picture Of the Robot Scorpio and the camel...
Sans titre-16
Sans titre-10

Big CC "Kinda" MAP - Also findable in "Browse Projects" as Editable Map (Type Zukies in search to find them all)

  • Zukies - Sci-Fi Buildings
    Made For Monthly Challenge - 5 Sci-Fi buildings + starship very detailled placed on a Futurist Decor, Save nature compagny, Robot Shop "with robots", Weapons and armor shop + jetpack wings scripted , Big building appartement with under; Restaurents, garage, trashroom, Water cleaning industry building

Pictures Sci-Fi Buildings...

  • Zukies - Battle Zone Map CC
    Made for Monthly Challenge - Maya Eldorado Style Battle Zone Map. Realized to match with "many kind of games"

Pictures Battle Zone Map "Maya Eldorado"...

Zukies - Interior Design CC
Made for Monthly Challenge - Modern Kitchen, Mordern living room, Modern bedroom, Modern bathroom, FishTank, Lof complet Modern turn to "Futurist" appartement, Complet medieval rustic House (Bedroom, Kitchen, Bathroom, BedRoom, Living Room (Very very detailled) Old Medieval Rooms + Some Bonuses

Pictures Interior Design...

Zukies - MadMax Style Complet
** Mini map with separate or Linkeable buildings MadMax Style **

Picture Battle Zone Map "MadMax Style"...

Zukies - Cartoon Weapons Pack
*** Made for an Monthly challenge, Alots kind of weapons cartoon style: Steampunk, sci-fi, medieval,Others + bombs and Fun character bonuses*

Pictures Cartoon Weapons Pack...

Other CC's
Zukies - HayBlocks Pack Props
Zukies - Good Morning Pack

Picture Of HayBlocks and Good Morning Pack...
Sans titre-14
Sans titre-12

More is comming later :slight_smile: Enjoy them all in your games and projects!


Zukies - ArtWorks (Tezuki)
New in CC and Map (Editable)
For September 2021 Challenge (Zukies - Farming Asset Pack)




Pretty nice work, congratz!

Cool assetts, well done!