CORE ArtDesigner Look 4 a duo with an scriptor

Hello I am "CORE Art Creator" Visual Creative.
I am watching for an GOOD CORE LUA Scriptor for Futur Collaboration "Specially Invitationnal?" For this part you will need to be in "Perks Program"

I wish also to show some actuals "put in a side" projects i started that need an scriptor and some bugs to fix in existing online projects that also need a scriptor.

I know nothing about Lua BUT i am sure as a team mate we can together do fantastic stuffs in CORE.

To see some of my ArtWork's i invite you to join this CORE Forum Topic ; Tezuki (Zukies) Many CC's For your Pleasure
OR/And In Discord "Tezuki"

And Also in Core Game " My online game" : Tycoon Farmers

PS: My native language is French but i do my big best in english :slight_smile: