Survey - Which Tutorials Do You Want Created?

Tutorials are a great resource for creators to learn more about Core.

Let us know which tutorials you would like to have created. This could be about any subject that you think needs more explanation, that is missing from the current documentation, or that can be helpful for other creators.

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I would be interested in tutorials on using the script generator, script helper, debugger and understanding errors and the event logs.


How to add cosmetics to your games, in depth currency guide, etc

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In general, I would like more tutorials that explain how to code or how scripts work. Right now, most of the tutorials just say "copy this" and saying what it does, but not how it works.

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I would be interested in seeing how objects are attached to animated meshes, and how you can use them to animate the mesh using IK Anchors and using custom animations. I'm still confused on how I would actually go about attaching the IK Anchors to an animated mesh and then using them to create an animation for new sword swing animations or cast animations.


My idea for this challenge is to have a "Free Choice / Open" category, where the subject of the tutorial is chosen by the person participating in the challenge. So we can have alot of different tutorials on different subjects not listed on the Challenge board and will let the creators work on a subject they love or find it interesting to be taught. The person could go ask by himself other people on what they need and choose one subject they think they could make a good tutorial on.

Tutorials should include the following:

  1. Basic shop setups: Exchange a resource like currency for weapons or armor or upgrade abilities.
  2. Marketing and Branding: as a creative professional for the last decade, this is without a doubt what creators miss out on most. Twitch, YouTube, social media, and consistent marketing don't really exist on Core at all, aside from the promotions that Core themselves run. If creators have some insight to marketing and branding (especially original ideas) then we will be much more prone to solidifying long term and permenant players on the platform.
  3. Terrain building: this could honestly probably use a few months worth of tutorials. I get asked about this personally about 5-6 times a week.
  4. Kitbashing Weapons: from swords, to guns, to one-off custom artillery. Lots of creators need to know how to use the guides to line up weapons, and how to animate their fx or attacks in different ways. This is another thing I am personally asked about 4-5 times weekly.
  5. Scripting/Coding tutorials. There is currently NOBODY to learn from when it comes to this unless you have a personal friend helping you out. These don't need to be super complex, just something that people can follow along with that is clear and concise. I believe the only thing we have that is close to this is Zaz's streams, which can get sidetracked very quickly
    (very hard for me to follow along or learn anything at all personally with that teaching style). Having more people "teaching" in different styles and organizations would help immensely with learning code. Espacially if there is a video to accompany it so we can follow along concisely at our own speeds. (Also make it useful. The whole lightswitch coding tutorial is nice, but really pointless. IDK of anyone who would actually use a light like that in a game at all on Core especially).
  6. Kitbashing costumes: versions for over-riding the player costume and for stacking onto it.
  7. Kitbashing animals/creatures: The raptors, foxes, and dragon socket models can all be modified VERY heavily to give creators some wicked looking creatures. Would definitely help to have some tutorials on how to identify and use the sockets, but also how to custom make a monster or beast.
  8. This is more of a personal request, but just hand over CoreLive to VarglBargl once or twice a week to get ideas on what other tutorials the rest of us should make (if they are willing to do it lol). Vargl has got to be one of the most knowledgeable creators, and the twitch streams they have been sharing have been astronomically helpful as a learning tool. (literally the most I have EVER learned about coding).

Audio Kit-bashing

Damageable objects that work with the NPC AI Kit. Especially letting the mobs damage vehicles.

A store where you can sell the items from META inventory system for their Gold Gems.
My avatar may not want to salvage a perfectly good sword when coins could be had.

Yes all of this

You nailed it Doc. All those above especially the coding, Vargl and kitbashing streams

I'd like to see a lot more content showing best practices for client/server/static context/ hierarchy. I kept getting errors in my code bevause of this and it took a lot to be able to understand why - as a total beginner to all of this.

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Good suggestions - can you elaborate on "in depth currency guide"?

Unfortunately you can't use IK with AnimatedMeshes yet. Only players.

Hello everyone. Sorry in advance for a lot of text and poor English.
I join the opinion of DocBdesign. As a person who is far from programming and is just starting to take the first steps in this, I want to say that, indeed,the learning process is now quite difficult. The documentation is not a textbook, but only a reference, a good one, but a reference. What personally caused me difficulties: the examples that are in the documentation and in existing courses differ from what is, for example, in standard frameworks. At the same time, the frameworks are good, working, but incomprehensible from the first time. It's as if we were given a assembled excovator from Lego-tech parts with a remote control and they say: "you can paint it, change the driver inside, attach more parts to it and even assemble a tank from it, but figure out for yourself what's what." It takes a long time to poke around in the frameworks to understand how everything is interconnected there. A lot has been said about how to decorate walls, add objects or change settings in existing "Custom Properties" in great detail, although, it seems to me, just for this a lot of knowledge is not needed. We need specific working and in-demand examples.
Now to the point. My suggestion is this: take an existing framework (for example, "Dungeon" - it has a lot of things that can be used in various games), and as a tutorial, create it step by step from scratch, explaining what and why you are doing. What standard solutions do you use, what templates can be taken and how to change them for your own purposes, how to create a store and how to add an item to it and set various requirements, how to set up an NPC, etc.
Separately, I would like to ask you to make a tutorial on using data. When I created a bar that consumes stamina, I used "SetResource" and "getResource", and it turns out it was better to use "player.serverUserData". Not all things that are obvious to professionals are obvious to beginners. In general, thank you for the topic, I hope for the release of new textbooks.

Not sure if it will help but here is a list of topics that i would have loved to have as tutorials in the early days

Placing Objects in a scene X-Y-Z
Making an object visible ON/OFF
Changing settings from a script
Game Objects - Trigger ( how they work in diff context )
UI Elements
Client vs. Network
Kit-Bashing tips/tricks
Published vs. Unlisted games
Custom Properties
Reset Property ( blue arrow / right click )
On Player Join [ Event ]
Spawn in items on event
Global vs. Local variable
Enable Player Storage
Script Generator 
Terrain Generator