Survey - What Would You Like Added To Community Content?

One of the primary objectives of Community Content is to provide quality content and assets that developers can freely use to speed up the development of their games.

If there are things that you would like to see added to Community Content, then please let us know by replying to this topic. This includes any type of content including code, art, design, UI, environments, characters, and effects.

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  • A simple customizable weapon system to make aim-down sight scopes. Strike Team probably has something there. This might be something the team would want to add to the Core Content guns that come out of the box.

Editing one more: more unique character sets. The common dish at Core is its Roblox but with Fortnite characters. Which anyone in the community knows that's far from what makes Core amazing. I'd like to see unique character sets in CC that we can use with the new character system (cartoon squishy characters, medieval character sets, etc.)


Any of the mechanics from Strike Team would be good.
Player loadout
Aim Down sights
Random rotating capture points
Weapon switching
Mini map
Player progression system.

Preferably as separate CC rather than waiting for a single big framework. Some of the functionality is already in CC but the Strike Team work was of a high standard.


Would really love to see more animal meshes in game. I mean, Raptors and Foxes are great, but would really love to have a horse model to customize, maybe some wildlife like birds, fish, ect.


A larger pool of simple game frameworks and examples for others to build off. :ok_hand:


I think some practical video tutorial for Vectors, Rotations and Quaternions could be helpful.

And maybe some high level coding practices. Like some design patterns or techniques on how to structure and organize your code in project.


More Minigames, the Pinball is great :slight_smile:

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You know what the largest pain for me was when starting Core? Server <-> client networking without limitations.

Having people create an awesome & robust networking system that's easy to use would help new devs and if it's good enough we may switch ours over to it. Could be valuable for all


What I would like to see is more sounds, textures ,effects, Animation ,sky and more of everything. I would also like the ability to animate meshes because it is limited and having the ability for more short cuts because it does make life easier for the developer


add more skeleton customizable mesh


be able to set a peoples skins to fit the games theme when they join.
able to change players size with codes
more pre-made code like set position, lower health.

I'd like to see more attention given to vehicles & vehicle physics. The gun games are great, but I think that as time goes on the window is wide open for them to continue to improve. Racing games are pretty much non existent on the platform, but I think a kick start to that genre would be the implementation of a vehicle chassis for developers to play with.

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More Animations and VFX and weapons

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VR and AR features for headset like oculus/pico/pimax...and handtracking

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please add a bow animation, fantasy gaming without archery bow is not possibile to see O_O


Animals! Farm animals, jungle animals, forest animals... I can't believe we don't have proper sheeps amongst the assets, or rabbits, or pigeons. I'd add mine myself from my .blend collection but I believe you don't allow that, even if upload them to be used for free.


please, add yet existings cosmetics to animated mesh

  • I'm trying to create a multiplayer FPS/RTS and it doesn't look likely that I will be able to fit into the networked object limit, without having crazy small player counts. Having a way to increase the limit, even if its through an "application, review and approval" process would be great.
  • VoIP

Props and scene dressing for store interiors. Stuff you'd find in a convenience store, pharmacy, department store, etc.

  • Function Dice that I can roll
  • More Board games