Spawn Random Items a Various Pre-Determined Spawn Points at Random Times

I want to spawn and object or imported object (there is another forum question about this) at various per-determined locations on the map. I may have 2-3 objects that I would like to spawn at random at different spawn points. There are few things I am hoping to achieve...

  1. Spawn an object at a random time
  2. Don't spawn an object at a spawn point that already has one
  3. Only allow a certain number of objects to be available on the map at once
  4. Once collected a new item would spawn.... hopefully somewhere other than the spawn they just picked up the item from. Maybe there is a cool down for that Spawn point.

I did come up with something where I was able to Spawn an objects using a spawner at random locations. I then wanted to make it so those could be heal pickups but did not quite understand how to adjust the properties on a spawned object. I then tried to use an important object that I found in the community but it did not like that. I wrote up a forum question on that here.

Any time spent helping me understand this would be massively helpful. Until then... back to the tutorials for me.

Update: I have not figured out how to comment or answer my own post. I have figured out some of these items and will eventually be releasing what I have into the community content area.

I have figured out a few things...

  1. How to spawn an object at a random time.
  2. I have not yet finished this piece. It is NEXT on the list. Right now I am randomly spawning all over.
  3. This is solved depending on how you put the asset on the map. If you put three... there will only every be three.
  4. I have not yet re-triggered the function that would spawn another item after collection but don't see why that would be too challenging. I will check in if I get stuck here.

Check out my Murder Mansion - Cleaned Up game (open for edit) in that game it does exactly what you are saying with the clues system. Spawns X clues at random at pre-determined position, but also has a ramp-up value that you can set to zero, disabling the additional feature.

Here's another forum post about it:

Fantastic! I will give it a look and play for sure. Thanks for taking the time to point me in a direction. REALLY appreciate it.