Can You Spawn Imported Content

I am using a community content item called "Health" by AquaFrost. I am trying to spawn this item in random places around the map at certain times. I have some of the spawning worked out with items from the Core Content library. I am using a script and have created a custom property using the Asset Reference. I can then drag in what is needed and then spawn it at various points. When I do this using the imported content I am getting an error that says...

Attempted to modify a field on a non-networked object. (Try marking the object as Networked or move it into a Client Context or Server Context to fix this problem.) Field: RotateContinuous, Object: HealthBottle

I have no idea what I am doing wrong. I don't really know how to mark the object as "Networked" if it is NOT in the hierarchy. I have tried moving things around in client context folders and server content folders and have yet to solve the error.

Any help would be appreciated.

Here is a look at the script I have going:

Any help is super appreciated and thanks for the time!

Pull the template into the hierarchy first, then from the context menu (right-click on the object) choose:

  • Deinstance Template to able to make changes freely in the hierarchy
  • Enable Networking
  • Update Template From Object

Hope this helps! Leaving this reply for whoever else will find this topic in their searches.

Also noteworthy from Context for Spawned Object:

The World.SpawnAsset function allows an optional parameter to set the spawned object's context.