Social Kit by CoreAcademy - V1.0

Social Kit

The Social Kit is a new community game designed to support your social spaces. It includes interactable furniture, and a system to give players currency and allow them to spend it in shops on consumable items.

Create Your Own Version!

In the CREATE menu, click the COMMUNITY PROJECTS tab to search for open games. Search social and find the Social Kit by CoreAcademy.

Social Kit Systems

Join Messages

The Social Kit greets players in the chat as soon as they arrive in the game with a randomly selected message. You can change and add to these lists to fit the custom theme of your project.

Interactable Furniture

The project includes one example chair, but this can be used to add interactions to any furniture you put in the game. Furniture automatically puts players in an animation stance when they get close enough, and resets them when they move or jump.


Consumables are objects that players can buy in a shop, and use with an animation.


Shops are any place where players should be able to buy the consumables. They come in two types: a single item shop which only sells one of the defined consumable items, and category shop which sells all the items in a category.


Currency is granted automatically to players as they stay in the game for a specified time interval. You can customize the name of the resource, how much players start with, and how long it takes to get more, and how much players get each time.


You can allow Consumables to grant RP by adding the "Grant RP on Item Consume" component, if you are a member of the Perks program.

Suggested Community Content

The Social Kit is just beginning, and is minimal enough to work well with much of the Community Content available. Our suggestions include:

  • Dialogue System by CommanderFoo: Dialogue System
  • All Players Fly by standardcombo
  • Selfie Camera Photo Mode by varglbargl
  • META Creator Events Addon by TeamMETA

Also consider these tutorials to add even more depth to the experience!

Upcoming Features

A later version of this kit is planned, to include features like player permission systems, and the ability to modify the space in-game to get ready for live events! Please leave your feedback and requested features in comments here help make this social kit a truly social experience!


wow, it looks like game art Free Сyberpunk 3D Model and Environment (Unity / Unreal)