How do i add the respawn script?

If you search fore "Respawn" within the "Core Content" tab of the editor you may be able to find a respawn script. You could also check the "Community Content" page in the editor. I would suggest that you experiment with the Respawn() function of player objects as it is fairly easy to use.

(You will need to do a little searching on this page to find the respawn function)
Respawn Function Documentation

I still couldn't find it

It's an item in core content that you just drag into the hierarchy. It'll let you set respawn times and locations.

Respawn Settings is a Setting Object found under Core content.
Adding this obect to the hierarchy provides additional parameters :

Respawn Mode : Specifies the pattern in which players respawn.

  • None : Player does not respawn automatically.
  • In Place : Respawns the player at the same location and rotation as when they died.
  • Round Robin : Respawns the player in a repeating sequential pattern respecting the hierarchy order.
  • At Closest Point : Respawns the player at the spawn point closest to the location the player died.
  • Farthest From Other Players : Respawns the player at the spawn point farthest from any other player.
  • Farthest From Enemy : Respawns the player at the spawn point farthest from an enemy player.
  • Random Spawn Point : Respawns the player at a random spawn point.

Respawn Delay : in seconds

Z_level : If the player's z position, at any point in time, is below this value then we will start to respawn them.

Kill : If set to true, player will die before we respawn them.

I am unable to find it, pls help