NPC Noclipping

I am new to core so im just making a quick little rpg game on dungeon crawler framework. I made a terrain and did the average foilage adding and decorating then i got some npc enemies on the community forum "NPC Enemies 1". I added the mutant raptors and orc but when i got in game they just fell to the ground. I figured it was because of my mountain background and it sort of fixed it, but now they just decided to walk below. I followed some tutorials on yt, and their stuff is fine. Only difference is that they made a flat terrain, but I dont think that is the issue. The console says nothing about bugs as well. Video : Core bug - YouTube

Did you ever figure out the issue with your NPC falling into the ground? I am having the same issue when using the NPC's from the Framework pre-builds. I load in a character, I play in preview, and attack, but before the NPC's health goes to about half, it just sinks into the ground. Even other NPC's around will just sink into the ground without me doing anything.

There are some script errors too that pop up, but I figured in the pre-built frameworks, you wouldn't have to script, and that they were pre-made to work "out of the box"