Migrating from Child Games to Scenes


With the introduction of Scenes, we've made it way easier for creators to easily divide up their games while keeping the same project content accessible across all scenes. A game can be made up of many scenes (e.g. main menu, tutorial, different levels) that display different information, and usually there is some way for a Player to get from one scene to the other. Transferring between scenes as a player is like transferring between games and there will be a loading screen.

If you've been using our Child Games system previously, here's how you convert it to the new Scenes system:

Copy the Files

Open the project you want to be your "Main" Scene (likely to be the parent project in a parent/child setup) in the editor. This is the scene that will load when a player enters the game. Now create a scene for each of the child projects you want to include. Save your project and close the editor.

For each child project:

  • From Windows explorer, navigate to ../Maps/<child project>/Data/Scenes/Main/
  • Copy all files and folders except SceneMeta.pbt.
  • In Windows explorer, navigate to ../Maps/<main project>/Data/Scenes/.
  • Paste the files and confirm replacing the existing ones.

For each child project:

  • From Windows explorer, navigate to .../Maps/<childProject>/
  • Copy all Terrain files.
  • From windows explorer, navigate to .../Maps/<main project>/ from your main scene project.
  • Paste the files and confirm replacing the existing ones.

From each child project:

  • Copy scripts, materials, templates, etc. to the corresponding folder in your main project's ../Maps/<main project>/Data/ folder.

Important: When migrating, there may be a few scripts that have the same name but are different in their contents. To fix this issue just create a brand new script (with a different name) and copy the contents into it.

Adjust your Scripts

  • Change scripts from player:TransferToGame() to player:TransferToScene().
  • Change scripts from Game.TransferAllPlayersToGame() to Game.TransferAllPlayersToScene().

Important: Keep in mind that scenes share the same leaderboards and player storage.

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This is awesome. When is this going live?

On the Tuesday, the 24th!

Awesome work guys!

Is this mainly for creators to be able to keep everything in a single project? I'm assuming scenes are still considered separate servers and things like chat won't allow players to talk across scenes?

This just made my summer.

Exactly, yeah. At the moment chat is also per scene, indeed.