Looking for a Core Dev for my Infect Project

Hello there,

My name is Alexis Kapouet and I'm looking for a person who can make a prototype in Core Game in order to present this to a ''real'' studio. Maybe make a game with this base. Why not !!

My principal feature is an infect mod with 2 teams ( Hunter / Zombies ) without AI.

I'm trying to make this with my knowledges but I'm not a programmer and i'm very limited with the script concept...

I like Core Content with no programming but Team setting propose team versus or free for all.

I need a feature who put player in Hunter Team to Zombie team when they are infect.

I'm sure Coregame is a good tool to make this so that's why i'm here today..

I can't upload my PDF Instruction but it will be a pleasure to share this one because I have all my ideas inside..

Thanks for your time and hope to speak with you for more details.

ps : my 1st language is french but I'm ok with english ( not bilingual )

here youtube link to see a infect mod in Cod4

Infected Mod