How to check for Collisions?!(Make an axe)

Good day,
i am new in CoreGames and i want to make a lumberjack game.
I have a axe from the Core Conten (The advanced axe) and i have the big oak tree also from the core content. My goal is to make the tree so that i can chop it but i dont how how i can check if the axe hitbox-trigger is collide with the tree how ican check for collisions? I dont find anythink in the Documentations usw.

Thanks in advance!

Is the tree meant to have hitpoints and receive damage? If so, use an NPC template for the tree and adjust the collider size in the template. You can also adjust the size and dimensions of the axe's hitbox. If both are of sufficient size then all you'd have to do is stand in front of the tree and attack. No coding required.

Download the NPC AI Kit from community content if you have not done so. It will have all of the scripts and templates required.

Ok, thank you a much for your work, sorry for the many Questions but can i make / attach that thinks in the tree to a other tree like a oak tree?

Take an NPC template and put the tree into the geo folder. Adjust the collider capsule to the size of the tree. Set movement to zero, set visibility on the existing NPC model to no visibility so you only see the tree. Set outgoing damage to zero. Set hitpoints accordingly.

There are definitely more elegant, scripted solutions to your problem, but this is will get you where you need to be without having to code anything.

Do you need the tree to respawn?

Ok, thanks but how i can attach a Combat Template to my axe, because i dont can attach a pistol template usw. to this axe but it dont give a Sword usw.

There are sample weapon templates up on community content that are compatible with the NPC Kit scripts. Carlos Blade is a good example. I used that as the base for my game's lightsabers and hand-to-had combat.

Also make sure you download a copy of Combat Dependencies from community content and put it in your hierarchy.

I have install The Carlos Blade but its only give 3d Template and that is swipe effects and blood effects.

Yeah, you'd have to heavily modify it. I'm at work right now, but when I get my lunch break I can make you a couple of basic templates for an axe and a tree and post them to CC for you if you want.

Yes please, if it doesn't bother you, I'm sorry for the many questions but I don't know what cc is.

Community Content, and no bother at all.

Ok thanks, can u notify me then?

OK, look for Basic Lumberjack Kit in community content. It's really basic just an axe, a tree, and a spawner for the tree. It's received the amount of debugging you'd expect from doing it on my lunch break :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, thank you for u effort, but when i pot a axe and a tree and i am pick up my axe a error appear what can i do to fix this?(It says: Missing module 'standardcombo.Combat.Wrap'. Check spelling or import it from Community Content.)

Did you download combat dependencies and drag it into your hierarchy?

Yeah and all work yet but i have publisch my game on unlisted and when i updtate it i changd somthink but its still like before when i go in. What can i do?

You're not seeing the changes you made to the game after you publish them? And you're entering the game through the weblink created when you publish? What change isn't showing up when published?

I am make the changes and then klick updated & review. I made the changes that i am deleted the Raptors and placed 2 Axes.

After Review & Update, do you get the option to Update Unlisted on the next screen?

It work yet i must restart my PC thank it work.
Sorry for the many questions but can i make the things that in three on a other tree model to make that chopable too.

Duplicate the tree template in your hierarchy. Then right click on the new one and Create New Template from this. Give the new template a new name. Look for the tree model in the Geo directory. It's currently residing in the left_ankle folder. Drag a new tree in there and delete the old one, then right click on the template and Update Template From This. That will have created a new tree template with the new tree model.