Error : Failed to Zip game screenshots , Failed to publish

Error : Failed to Zip game screenshots , Failed to publish.

"Temp/ImageStaging/banner.jpg" this location does not exist yet an error.

The path shown in error does not exist, not even under hidden files and folders.
I cleared all temp files form computer, restarted engine and launcher , restarted computer, tried republishing several many times, tried publishing without screenshots, tried publishing with 1 screenshot, tried everything to no avail.

Please help, this game update fixes a bug in my game, and my game is an entry for Survival Jam ending on Monday. I am not able to update my game. Must get it published soon.



Make sure to restart the engine and launcher.
Republish the game with only .png image files do not use .jpg image files even if they are the smallest in size.

Issue: Manticore should remove the .jpg option or it will create that issue.

how can you restart? the engine

how can you restart the engine and the luncher?