December 2021 - Tutorial Challenge - Debugging [CLOSED]


Start Date: December 22, 2021
Due Date: January 15, 2022 (by end of day, Pacific Time)


Each entrant is eligible for a payment of up to $350, with a minimum of $50 if the entry meets the minimum standards. The exact payment amount for each entrant will be based on the quality of the entrant’s work.


The goal of this tutorial is to describe how to use various debugging techniques in Core, as well as explain how to find and fix common Core errors. The tutorial should be written so that it is easy enough to understand by beginners, but also useful for more advanced skill levels.


Some of the topics to consider for your tutorial are listed below.

Event Log
Discuss how to view the Event Log and how to understand any warnings or errors that are displayed.

Using The Script Debugger
Cover all the basics of using the built-in Script Debugger including enabling the debugger, adding and removing breakpoints, automatic pause on error, and stepping through scripts.

Analyzing A Paused Script
The information presented by the debugger may seem complex. Knowing how to properly understand and analyze this information is the key to getting the most out of debugging. Teach users how to inspect variables and objects to help find issues. Explain the stack frame, and how it can be used to trace the flow of execution. The goal is that the user understands all the panels and the information displayed, and knows how to step through the code and inspect the results.

Quick Debugging Using Print
Using print statements is a quick and easy technique to debug code. Describe this technique, and when and how to use the Print and PrintToScreen functions.

Common Core Errors and Fixes
Consider discussing common errors that can happen in Core, and how to find and fix them.

Sample Scripts
Consider creating several different sample scripts with errors, and walk through the debugging process to fix the errors.

Downloadable Project
Provide all the scripts for users to download in Community Content or an editable public game.


  • Publish a written and/or video tutorial on this topic to the Core forums as per the instructions in your application acceptance message.

  • Provide tutorial assets (models, scripts, UI, etc) in Community Content or an editable public game, and include a link within the tutorial. This allows creators to open the final project in Core.

  • Video tutorials must have voice overs in English.

Judging Criteria

  • Your work will be judged based on the Judging Criteria.

  • The above link also contains important information about best practices and other topics.


If you have any questions, then please visit the challenge board channels on the Core VIP Discord server.


How To Apply

For instructions on how to apply, please visit the Tutorial Challenge Board Application Form post.


Submitting Your Tutorial

  • Your application acceptance message includes instructions on how to publish your tutorial.
  • Entrants must publish their tutorial by the deadline listed in the challenge in order to be considered for payment.
  • Failure to publish your tutorial on time may affect your eligibility for future challenges.


More Information

For more information about the rules, judging criteria, and other important information please visit the Tutorial Challenge Board Rules post.