Error running Lua task: [71D78F4310179502] Utils:124: attempt to index a nil value (global 'debug')

look above, logcat output the error when I call :
local traceback = string.split(debug.traceback("", 2), "\n")

check the lua lib:

find debug.lua, I don't known what's wrong

There is no access to the lua internal debug.lua functions directly. I assume this is to do with how the scripts are used in Core, but that's just speculation on my part.

However, there is hope! In the editor, main menu, Window - Script - Script Debugger. Grab the tab and drop it somewhere useful (I usually put it next to the event log).

Check the first two debug buttons (pause on breakpoint and pause on error). So this is a start.

Next right lick on your script in the hierarchy and Edit Script (not Edit Script in External Editor). This opens a very basic looking text editor with your script in it - the only redeeming feature of this is that you can make single left clicks to the left of the line numbers to toggle breakpoints which work with the Script Debugger.