Core Update 1.0.286 - Patch Cycle Changes

Highlights for Version 1.0.286

Welcome to our March 14th Patch Notes!

As of this patch, our Core Patch cycle has changed from bi-weekly to monthly but there also may be periods when we don't release patches at all as we work on implementing new features or major improvements that take more time.

Creators frequently need common things in their projects such as nameplates, sprint abilities, or a jump pad. To make it easier, we have released the Core Academy Essentials which is a curated list of essential components for everyone to drag and drop into their projects. They can be found on CoreAcademy's account on community content, Manticore's GitHub, or through this article.


  • Reminder: We have decided to deprecate GetTokensForPlayer() and add a new GetWalletsForPlayer() function instead to give Creators more control over how they get the NFTs for a specific player. See here for more info. The old API will be removed in a future patch.

Check out our reference and text validation and pet renamer tutorials as well.

Learn more on our API documentation site.


What's new in this patch?

Nothing user-facing!

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Thank you for taking the time to do this!!!

I hope this isn't the end of Core.....