Core Update 1.0.282 - Fixes and Improvements

Highlights for Version 1.0.282

Welcome to our January 31st Patch Notes!

Here’s what’s happening in the Core community at the moment:

  • The MekaVerse Jam submission period has closed. Keep an eye out, results are coming soon.

  • We released the Meka Citadel for everyone to explore the MekaVerse world.

Creators frequently need common things in their projects such as nameplates, sprint abilities, or a jump pad. To make it easier, we have released the Core Academy Essentials which is a curated list of essential components for everyone to drag and drop into their projects. They can be found on CoreAcademy's account on community content, Manticore's GitHub, or through this article.

The collection was recently updated with 6 new components including:

  • Loadouts

  • Checkpoints

  • Throwable Chairs

  • Bartending

  • Costume Equipper

  • Player Damage


  • New: Data Tables now have a “Defer Asset Loading” option. If enabled the referenced asset will load when the asset is spawned instead of at the game start. This is intended to reduce memory usage. Objects may appear invisible briefly after spawning while the asset loads.

    This option can be enabled/disabled with a checkbox near the bottom right of the Data Table editor, or through the right-click context menu in Project Content with data table assets selected.

  • New: The tooltip for objects in the Hierarchy UI now shows the object’s type.

  • Changed: Some objects have been replaced with higher-quality versions:

    • Stone Arch Half 6m
    • Stone Arch 3m
    • Stone Wall End 6m
    • Stone Wall End Corner 2m 001
    • Stone Wall Divider 6m
    • Stone Arch (doorway) 001
    • Stone Window
  • Changed: Custom parameter names can now contain spaces within the parameter name.

  • Changed: Loading screens now fade in.

  • Changed: Within Project Content, assets in Shared Keys will now show their type after the display name.

  • Changed: The camera default distances for newly created Camera objects have been adjusted. This change does not impact existing games or games created from frameworks.

  • Changed: The default player settings have been adjusted for newly created projects. The default mount time has been adjusted from 2 to 0. This does not impact existing games.

  • Fixed: The Player Costume Retarget object will now correctly reset the offsets and visibility of the player when deleted.

  • Fixed: Resolved an issue where closing the Material Editor while the color picker is open and the project had unsaved changes would cause a crash.

  • Fixed: A bug with teams where friendly players could shoot each other.


  • New: Added a verticalJustification property to UIText objects and properties and verticalJustification to UITextEntryBox objects.

  • Changed: The number of tokens returned by the GetTokens() and GetTokensForOwner() calls has been changed from 50 to 200. This may impact projects that rely on exactly 50 tokens being returned at a time.

  • Reminder: We have decided to deprecate GetTokensForPlayer() and add a new GetWalletsForPlayer() function instead to give Creators more control over how they get the NFTs for a specific player. See here for more info. The old API will be removed in a future patch.

Check out our reference and text validation and pet renamer tutorials as well.

Learn more on our API documentation site.