Core Update 1.0.278 - Bug Fixes

Highlights for Version 1.0.278

Welcome to our December 20th Patch Notes!

There is a lot going on in the Core Space at the moment:

  • We recently finished the Loot MMO Jam and presented the winners on our blog.
  • We kicked off the MekaVerse Jam with a $50K prize pool.
  • We released the Meka Citadel for everyone to explore the MekaVerse world.

Creators frequently need common things in their projects such as nameplates, sprint abilities, or a jump pad. To make it easier, we have released the Core Academy Essentials which is a curated list of essential components for everyone to drag and drop into their projects. They can be found on CoreAcademy's account on community content, Manticore's GitHub, or through this article.


  • New: Updated multi-line text input in the Properties UI to be a bit taller and wrap text, to make editing longer text easier. Added an "Edit" button below it to edit text in a larger popup dialog.
  • Changed: The Associated Projects column in the Perk Manager are now sorted alphabetically.
  • Fixed: UI.PrintToScreen messages no longer appear over menus.


  • Reminder: We have decided to deprecate GetTokensForPlayer() and add a new GetWalletsForPlayer() function instead to give Creators more control over how they get the NFTs for a specific player. See here for more info. The old API will be removed in a future patch.

Check out our reference and text validation and pet renamer tutorials as well.

Learn more on our API documentation site.

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