Core Update 1.0.268 - Performance Improvements & NFT and Profanity API Updates

Highlights for Version 1.0.268

Welcome to our October 11/12th Patch Notes!

NOTE: This patch has to be delayed a bit so we won't patch around the usual time on the 11th. It will later that day or the day after!


  • New: Dramatically decreased the "Invisible" material's complexity and rendering cost.
    • This affects live games using a custom version of this material. If the additional properties of the original material were used to make something that was not exactly invisible, it will now be fully invisible. In these cases, the creator will need to create a new custom material if they want to achieve the previous look.
  • New: Added an option on "Skydome" to allow for a fully opaque sky to improve performance on some devices. Note: The opaque sky will have a slightly different appearance from the transparent one, this is most notable for backlit clouds.
  • New: Fetching NFTs by OpenSea slug is now supported.
  • New: Added "Skeletal Mesh Triangles" to the profiler.
  • Changed: The tick frequency of the Sun object was reduced, resulting in a lowered average cost. Should not impact visuals in any significant way.
  • Changed: Turned complex collision by default back ON until we can fix a related issue. This affects the "Empty", "Gatherable and Inventory", "Producers and Buffs", "Farming" and "Racing" frameworks. (This shipped in a hotfix last week)
  • Fixed: A crash when entering "Create" mode.
  • Fixed: An issue where the channel tag was missing from the chat input box.
  • Fixed: An issue where, after restarting Core, previously added profile page social links are empty when attempting to edit them.


  • Two new Lua calls for detecting profanity in strings.

    • CoreString.FilterProfanity(string) - Returns the filtered string.
    • CoreString.IsProfane(string) - Returns true or false based on whether the input string contains profanity in it.
  • Reminder: We have decided to deprecate GetTokensForPlayer() and add a new GetWalletsForPlayer() function to give Creators more control over how they get the NFTs for a specific player. See here for more info. The old API will be removed in a future patch.

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