Core TestFlight Program - Announcement

Announcing the Core TestFlight Program!

In preparation for Core launching on mobile this summer, a select number of creators will be given early access to mobile development and publishing. This early access to Core mobile will allow creators to fully update, optimize, and publish a game in order to have a ready release for launch.

A select number of creators with mobile-ready games at the time of launch will also be the first to be featured in Core as well!


To apply for Core Mobile Early Access, submit the following form.


  • You must have a Core game already published
  • You must intend to have a mobile-ready game by May 15, 2022
  • You must have attended a mobile workshop
  • You have more than 5k total plays or 20 hours in the Core editor


Join us in the Core Community Discord for a number of upcoming mobile-ready workshops to get started with mobile preparations. We welcome everyone interested in learning more to join us!

  • April 21 @ 10am PDT: UI for Mobile
  • April 28 @10am PDT: Controls for Mobile
  • May 05 @ 10am PDT: Performance for Mobile
  • May 12 @ 10am PDT: Touch API for Mobile

In these workshops you'll learn how to:

  • Optimize your game so that it runs smoothly within the allowable limits
  • Ensure your game's UI fits within the mobile device preview window
  • Create game controls and keybinds that translate well in mobile form

What's new in Core!

iOS Device Preview

Inventories, Nested Contexts, and DataTables

Concurrent Data Storage

Scenes and Raycast Improvements

And tons of new materials, meshes, animations, and more!


Feel like this should have just been in News :smile:

Either way, exciting to see early access and integration to mobile for creators to be able to adjust top games for immediate release.