Can the Core Editor work on Linux at all?

Hello! I was just wondering if anyone had had any luck getting Core Games to work on a Linux machine? The Core Editor works great on my desktop PC, but I also wanted to use it on a laptop that did not come with Windows. I'm such a Linux noob, I'm really struggling to get it working with W.I.N.E.! For some reason I thought this would be a straightforward process, especially after it seemed to install correctly.

Most of the errors I've gotten seem to center around OpenGL or file permissions, but I tried all the fixes Google recommended and still haven't gotten anywhere. I feel like I must be missing a really fundamental step, or maybe Ubuntu GamePack was the wrong version to use with this kind of software.

Has anyone else had any success with Core Games under Linux, and would you mind sharing how you made it work? Or else, is there a reason why running it without the real Windows 10/11 is a lost cause?

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