Beginner needs some help!

I have recently discovered this powerful tool and i enjoy it !
As beginner, i mainly learn in watching tutorials or using gameplay projects ...
I have some questions for skilled people ^_*

-How do i enable players collision in a rpg / dungeon crawler game ? ( like deathmatch game)

-How can i change the outside constricting zone color in a battle royale game ?

-How do i add xp reward when killing another player in any game ?

-I have downloaded the Day Night Sky by Rasm and i want to modify the time of a Day/Night cycle ... How can i do that ?

Thanks ! *_^

Woah one step at a time, so use this site for collisions, once you have the teams set up, let me know and reply to this post so we can move to the next step :slight_smile:

thanks for your answer !
so i have added a team settings object in a dungeon crawler project and used the FFA team mode,
there are collisions between the players :slight_smile:
then i used a basic crossbow (networked) to test damage , so i modified the damagetoPlayers value but when i target and hit the bot2 in the preview mode, it looks like the damagetoObjects is applied ... how to fix it ?

i made a second test, so i modified, this time, both damagetoPlayers and damagetoObjects values : i hit correctly players and NPCs :slight_smile:
(btw i have an error message about damagefeedbackclient)

next step, i would like to know how to add xp reward when killing another player
(i know how to modify NPC stats like xp/health/damage/...)

For XP, use this video, its a slow video, but if you follow it, you will get XP for killing players @r0m4n0

thanks !
I will watch and try to understand how it's working ^_*
So i currently use a community content made by Morticai, the author of the video, with a SaveRes.lua file...
when adding the file in "Dungeon Crawler" default project, the script works fine only with bot1, bot2 get xp but does not level up
when adding the file in customized "Dungeon Crawler" project (with more features like inventory and stats), nothing works ...
I guess i will let a comment on the YT video to have some help

there are other things requiring some help :slight_smile:

  • how to add first person view when driving a car ?
  • how to add a safe zone like the starting area available in farming / survival games ?


For First person, that's kind of more complex, you can always check the CC for First person in car or you can just get a toggle switch for it from the CC.

while inside the zone, just give players god mode, and if they step outside, remove it. Can probably also check the CC first

What is CC ? Core Content ? Community Content ? Other ?

Read this guide: Community Content - Core Documentation