April 2021: List Of All Submissions

All the submissions for the April 2021 challenges are listed below:

Medieval Buildings Construction Kit

Title Creator Location
GoodDay's Medieval Buildings GoodDay Community Content
Medieval Buildings Pack LiaTheKoalaBear Community Content
Medieval Con Pack 1 Ocylix Community Content & Community Projects
Medieval Town NyaAlchemi Community Content & Community Projects
Medieval Village LotusCracker Community Content
MedievalMuc Town Kit Mucusinator Community Content
NDG's Medieval Village Scene NoobDadGamer Community Content & Community Projects

Environment Map

Title Creator Location
Isle of no Tales CptPlastic (MantleGames) Community Projects (Editable Game)
Paradise Planet Sino Community Projects (Editable Game)
Pine Lake Forest JasonCdesign Community Projects (Editable Game)
Tropical Springs shallow Community Projects (Editable Game)

Creator Friendly Perks

Title Creator Location
Perk Examples Kit CommanderFoo Community Content
Resource Perk Framework WerkGames Community Content

Weapon Scope View

Title Creator Location
[XRS] Scope AIM Module XRStudio Community Content
Friendly Aim Component PiousLachance Community Content

Featured Submissions

Medieval Town by NyaAlchemi
Located in Community Content and Community Projects

Medieval Village by LotusCracker
Located in Community Content

Isle of No Tales by MantleGames
Located in Community Projects

Pine Lake Forest by JasonCdesign
Located in Community Projects

Perk Examples Kit by CommanderFoo
Located in Community Content