Zukies - China Temple TileSets

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January Challenge 2022 ( Dongeon TileSets )
My Topic: Chines Temple of Dragons

As Editable Map Under the name : Zukies - China Temple TileSets

As Template Name in Community Content : Zukies - ChinesTemple TileSets

More Images :
TileSet 0 - Special Start Spawn Point

TileSet 1 - can also serve for a shop

TileSet 2 - With Wukong statue the Monkey Hero

TileSet 3 - Tradictional Asian Object exposure and the Guardian Lion Statue

TileSet 4 - The lockeds rooms

TileSets 5 - The Room for the braves after fight

TileSets 6 - The End Room - You can add a boss there or keep it as The end treasure reward

General View of the TileSets

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