Zen Nonograms by Dobri

GAME NAME: Zen Nonograms
PLAYER COUNT: 1 (read below)
GAME LINK: Zen Nonograms by Dobri - Core Games

Enjoy a relaxing puzzle game in a tranquil environment. In this game you solve puzzles called nonograms, similar to sudoku or crosswords. There are 75+ puzzles for you to work your way through, as well as one giant mega puzzle that forms a 32x32 pixel image. If you ever get stuck, every puzzle will let you request a hint every minute. Can you solve them all?

In the next few versions, I plan to continue addressing user feedback, work on the environment and sound design, as well as a few bigger features I'd like to investigate:

  • A free-form "random puzzle" building, where you'd be able to select a size and/or difficulty level and get a random puzzle to solve. Right now the full database of puzzles is in the world. This would allow to add way more content without the need for a bigger or more crowded map.
  • More "megagrams" which are combinations of several smaller nonograms that form a collective large image. Perhaps a similar "select your size and difficulty" zen garden building like the above.
  • Multiplayer! This is a big question mark but also a huge priority. I want to figure out some engaging multiplayer experience here that isn't just shoehorn "just so it's multiplayer". Pre-made party play cooperatively solving a puzzle could work. Random strangers messing with you puzzle - maybe not so much. Competitive mode for "solve this puzzle the fastest" could also work. Very much open to ideas or suggestions here.


  • minor bugfixes
  • address feedback


  • first public release!
  • picturesque zen forest environment
  • 75+ puzzles in the world
  • minimap
  • lots of efficiency and playability tweaks
  • an easter egg :slight_smile:


I'm very open to your feedback and suggestions! Hope you enjoy the game, but if you don't, I'd love to hear why you thought that and what you think could be improved. I'm planning to continue working on this game as well as explore other puzzle / brain-teaser games in the future.

Huge, huge thanks to my friend, purplcow for being a great inspiration, talking partner and contributor on this journey, as well as SteveOnCore for the several rounds of early prototype feedback. And thank you for checking out my first game.