Z Order Of UI Elements

Is there anyway to control the z-order of different UI Containers? For example, if one UI Container contains a Ability Display, and another UI Container contains a UI Image, how do I control which container is displayed on top?

I know that items within the same UI Panel can be z-ordered by their top to bottom positioning in the hierarchy. But it is not clear what happens from UI Container to UI Container.

Have you thought about adding a z-index property that developers can set?

I haven't been put in that position yet to have to worry about Z order of different containers. Have you tried the top to bottom with them? What happens?

Yes, for separate UI Containers then the sorting order seems to depend on when the UI Container was added to the hierarchy. The last container added always goes on top.

I will go ahead an add a feature request to add a z order property, which would make things so much easier.

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