XRStudio - Holiday Park Scene

TEMPLATE NAME: Holiday Park Scene

Latest Version 1.8.0+ (A Better Holiday)

This is a Christmas Holiday themed park scene. The main focus was
upon creating a park scene which other people could use in their own
game or metaverse projects. There is the park itself and the Park surround
which is placeholder filler props meant to be replaced or modified as desired.


  • Reusable Park theme for your holiday game/metaverse projects.
  • Realistic looking Holiday Park Gazebo as the main focal point.
  • 2 custom ice sculptures with lighting and snow vfx
  • Snow covered park benches
  • 2 Animated Christmas tree pole lights
  • Holiday Street Park lights with unique lamps
  • Lush realistic looks Christmas Wreaths with vines
  • Crossed Candy Canes with Christmas bows.
  • Snow Shoveled sidewalks which snow piles along the sides
  • Table oil lamp with Christmas wreaths
  • Collection of 3 Special Christmas Candles
  • Lush Green Trees with snow
  • Realistic Christmas tree tinsel - slightly animated material that makes it shimmer.
  • A Custom nighttime Sky/Environment

Park Surround Features

  • 4 Custom Decorated Civic Buildings from Core Main Street Building collection.
  • 4 Tree Areas as part of park surround.
  • A Modified version of "Varglbargl's Fully Scripted Clock Tower" prop for scene building filler.

The park surround props are meant to be modified or replaced with your own game art buildings.

The Surround Buildings are the default Civic building templates from Core's stock Main Street Building collection.

Note: These buildings contain a number of door scripts which will impact on the number of Max. Players

I created a special Christmas Decor template for the Civic building and added to each building.

This scene was designed with customization in mind.
There is no snow banking along the outside edge of the sidewalk.
I left it not filled in, so that you may add buildings, streetways or
whatever you wish without having to tear up unwanted banks of snow.

Use it as a winter holiday park for your own town, city, mall or whatever you dream of game builds or metaverse experiences.

I tried to make this scene easy to modify.

1.0.0 - Initial release


All additional information here

Discord Contact: Chaz Scholton (XRStudio)#0990