Why I Can't Create Games? Lagging

Hello, I Live in India! I tried to Create Games on Core and When I Tried, Sadly it's Super Duper Lagging.
My PC is all Good and My Graphics Quality is even Set to "Low"!

Are there any Solutions for It? Hope I Could Fix it :slight_smile:

"My PC is all good"

That's an extremely vague statement, maybe posting the actual specs could help to determine what the problem might be. Also, we really dont know what all you may have on your system, if its bogged down with all kinds of things then that could also be an issue.

It could be number of things, and/or a combination of things. But its impossible to diagnose without specific information.

Now lag is Gone! I had lots of lots of software on my pc! I deleted all the unwanted ones and i tested and got fixed! Thx Anyway!