Where to find the " Light Bulb & Switch" template?

Where to find the " Light Bulb & Switch" template ?

Both instructions

Open the Community Content window in the Core Editor. Use the search bar to search for switch and find Lightbulb & Switch (by CoreAcademy)

You can also use the original Light Bulb & Switch template by Tobs. The CoreAcademy version has just been updated to use newer Core Content

don´t work. Also I didn´t find the template by Google. I am SHURE somebody has the unmodified script in his / her Git repository.

I am interested, as I am electric engineer, and so technical simulations are of special interest.


Hi Rolf!

I'm not sure if this is going to be as exciting as electical engineering. If you search just switch on Community Content (not Core Content) it should pop up. The original by Tobs will also work, it just got a new version when the tutorial got updated.

Thanks alot, as newbie I searched at the wrong place, I confused


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