What is the surface algorithm for terrain?

I understand the terrain is voxel based, but I was wondering what algorithm is used to generate the actual surface. Is there any information about that? My initial guess is a simple marching cubes algorithm, but it seems you cam make some pretty nice peaks for mountains, which isn't particularly easy with the base implementation of MC.

Good question! I'll ask.

@Buckmonster Have you heard back on this yet?

Got caught up in moving, sorry for the delay on this. I'll check tomorrow.

It's no rush, whenever you get the chance. I hope moving is going well.

It's an extended version of marching cubes, transvoxel.

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I totally forgot to thank you for getting back to me. I saw the message come through in my email, then went off to research Transvoxel, and spaced coming back.

But thank you, I've learned quite a bit from digging into this.