Welcome to your PurgatObby. Beta release

GAME NAME: PurgatObby
GAME LINK: PurgatObby by Archlight - Core Games


Have you already beaten all the obbies you've played so far? Looking for a darker and different challenge? Feel brave enough to risk losing your soul? Then...

Welcome to your PurgatObby.

This "Obby" aims to be different in the way of players achieving more than just getting to the goal. As the player base grows, new game modes will be added in order to keep it updated and fresh. If you find this game not as challenging as you expected, try to find and collect the 10 souls hidden on the map. I always appreciate all the feedback, but please, be constructive.


  • Leaderboards featuring the fastest times and the most deaths.
  • Checkpoint system.
  • Restart by pressing R will reset your current checkpoint and time to 0.
  • Soul exchange shop that will add +1 jump. Eventually, more additions will come.
  • Weekly deadly token rewards for the top 3 fastest players. On the future, these tokens will be available to be exchanged for special rewards, titles and cosmetics.


  • New difficulties and game modes.
  • Achievements.
  • Special token shop and special leaderboard.
  • Rebirth on the Soul Exchange Shop that will reset your Death score to 0.
  • Purchase your own Hellhouse with displays.



  • Added new Game Mode: Reversal.
  • Fixed some collision bugs.
  • Added new SFX.
  • Added a donation button.


  • Stability update.


  • Added only one checkpoint in the "No checkpoint" Game Mode.
  • Changed name of "No Checkpoint" to "Once Chance Gamemode".
  • Disabled the collision of the fences at the end.
    1.0.30 - New gamemode release
  • New Gamemode release: No Checkpoint.
  • Updated the UI to have a clearer view of the game.
  • Stability improvements.

1.0.28 - Hotfix pre-medium mode release.

  • Adjusted the collision triggers to feel more accurate.
  • Now the souls doesn't respawn after each update.

1.0.27 - Error fixing

  • Disabled mounting to prevent a bug where you can't double jump after pressing the G button. Thanks to NebraskaTea for reporting this bug.

1.0.26 - Minor adjustements

  • Added a small help to get the 9th soul.
  • Removed the left window of the house.
  • Removed the camera collision from the Checkpoint Portals.
  • Fixed the camera collision from the Blood Falls.
  • Fixed the the kill trigger on one of the Blood Falls
  • Fixed a bug where you got teleported to the beggining if you managed to get into the heart of the boss.

1.0.25 - More difficulty adjustements

  • Added another Checkpoint after the spinning hands.
  • Added fences to represent danger before reaching the end.

1.0.24 - Difficulty lowered

This version is focused on reducing the difficulty so everyone can go further.


  • Added Crouch and Jump UI reminder on screen.
  • Added three platforms to rest while going up the deadly tower.
  • Green arrows on the end turned to green for clarity.
  • Added two extra checkpoints after the Giant Crusher's hands.


Special thanks to WorldBUILDER273 for helping me out with the coding and leaderboards <3

Disclaimer: I used some CC to make it easier for me, but I lost the references while changing folders. If you find one of your creations here, please, let me know via Discord (Áphidac#4972) and I'll credit you :slight_smile:

CC used:

  • Ultimate Obbi Kit by Vilva
  • Death Animation by Sino
  • Sinister Green Portal by Standardcombo

Thank you all for playing. Feel free to leave a feedback, but please, be constructive.

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