Welcome to the Core Forums! - PLEASE READ

Welcome to the Core Creator's forums. The purpose of these forums are to be a resource and an asset to the Core Creator community.

Anyone exercising general good judgement and common sense will be right at home here. Things to keep in mind.

  • Everyone involved with managing and operating the forums are Creators too. We would rather be creating than moderating, so please be nice to us :wink:
  • This is a place for constructive discourse, feedback, help and collaboration to empower our fellow creators to create the best games possible. As the old saying goes (sort of), if you can't say anything constructive or helpful, then don't post.
  • The Manticore Games team is an amazingly passionate group of highly skilled people who want to build you the best possible game creation and sharing platform available. They will bend over backwards to help and always have our community's best interests in mind. Please give them the respect they've earned. Share your opinions and ideas respectfully.
  • Please avoid sensationalized headlines "END OF THE WORLD IF THIS DOESN'T HAPPEN", insulting anyone, or trolling
  • Please use the General forum in each category to give us feedback on how to improve the support and function of that forum/sub forums
  • Have fun and CREATE!