We need a guide that explains only about: The team persistent team between worlds

I need a little guide on how to do so that the equipment that I have equipped, persists no matter if I change between my games (child).

I am sure that once this guide is created we will be able to make more interesting and complex games.

I hope to receive help, since I am working on something interesting that you can enjoy later.

Hi there.

Please post your request in the following thread:

As for the problem you are facing, I do believe that the solution should be in the reply that CommanderFoo posted, maybe just give it another look through to see if you might be missing something.

Having not worked with Scenes myself I am unable to provide a suitable answer, but as you have mentioned in your other post you were able to maintain some of the things in the new world, so, if the Team ID is one of these things you could simply try to re-use the logic to award the equipment that you used in the first scene.

IE, if you set Player1 to Team1 in World1 and award them Equipment1, then, if you were able to carry Team1 over to World2 you could simply re-use the same script to give them Equipment1 in World2 as soon as they join?

I am currently working on Certification so would not be able to give it a go, but will try and have a look as soon as I am done. Good luck.

thx for ever respond mr. [MehGyver]


I have spent a few minutes trying to figure this out. It is possible to use Storage to transfer data between scenes.

I have made a demo place which you can have a look at.

Nothing fancy, just a script that assigns the player to a team, sets the team in Storage, and then a red block which teleports the player to the second scene. In the second scene the team id is retrieved from Storage and the equipment is awarded accordingly.

Please make sure that you have checked Enable Player Storage in all scenes for this to work correctly.

Some screenshots of how I got it to work.

This should obviously be adjusted for your specific needs but should give you a rough idea of how to achieve it. Please let me know if you need any more help and try and avoid posting duplicate topics please.

Side note: I only noticed this now. Now I know some things about Scenes as well :smiley: Good luck with your project.

Thx mr. [MehGyver] this tutoral is great. Solved