Warfare Alpha

Game Name: Warfare Alpha
Player Count: 6 - 12 players
Core Version: 1.9.9
Game Version: 1.0.8
Game Link: Warfare Alpha by ScorpioStudios - Core Games

Game Description: Warfare is a free to play multiplayer team deathmatch type game where players fight with either an Assault Rifle, Shotgun, Revolver, Pistol, or Sniper Rifle to the score of 75 and teams of 6 to win. Q FOR BUY MENU. Created and owned by Scorpio Studios.
Co-Owner: Ziggythegoat.

Game Roadmap: Planning to fix invincible in cars, change the map entirely, offer more guns in the buy menu, more interactions, achievements

Game Version Notes: V1.0.9 - Jul 29, 2021

Added Camping Tower on North Side


Additional Info: Message/Add me for any collaboration or business purposes. Achievement system coming in the next two weeks or so.