Variety of Damageable objects

TEMPLATE NAME: Variety of damageable objects

Variety of damageable objects:
All Core windows with breakable glass
Fuel Station Damageable props
Sci-Fi Damageable props
Big variety of damageable objects
Damageable Core props
Example of simple fuel station with damageable props

Fixes of existing and adding new props

1.0.0 - Initial release

Damageable stairs:

Damageable chairs:

Damageable bookshelf etc.:

Damageable Candle Lit:

Damageable Cars:

Damageable Clay Pots:

Damageable Chest:

Japanese Stone Lantern:

Damageable Tea Set:

Military Mobile Radar:

Damageable Tire Stack:

Damageable Sci-fi Antenna:

Fuel Station example:

Refuelling device that leaves damaged version after explosion:

Refuelling device that completely destroyed:

Fuel container that leaves damaged version after explosion:

Ice machine with damageable letters:

Gasoline container that leaves damaged version of explosion or explodes completely:

Dangerous barrel that leaves damaged version after explosion:

Damageable fire extinguisher:

Beer box with breakable bottles:

Damageable gasoline bottle:

Futuristic capsule that leaves damaged version and fire with sound:

Scientists table that leaves damaged version/being completely destroyed and Immortal
with different damageable props on top of it:


Old radar that leaves damaged version and electric noize sound with effect:

Simple explosive barrel:

Rusty balloon:

Transistor that leaves damaged version/completely destroyed:

Explosive flask:

All Core windows with breakable glass:

Damageable airport board:

Mannequin with damageable parts:

Water tower that leaks water after damage:

Damageable simple wooden deer:

Damageable light post with floating skull:

Damageable snowman that leaves sad version after being destroyed:

Damageable windows with fancy glass:

Damageable windows:

Damageable hand lamp:

Damageable gingerbread house:

Damageable disco ball that throws confetti on death:

Shelf with mirror and breakable glass with Med Kit hidden inside:

Damageable wooden fence 2 versions:

Damageable phonk painting:

Chest with damageable top:

Damageable keyboard:

Damageable printer with scanner:

Damageable water machine:

Damageable spooky hands torches:

Damageable Witch table with her evil pet in cage:

Damageable coffin:

Pillar with damageable lights, cameras and electricity box:

Damageable chandelier:

Damageable ladder:

Damageable wheelchair:

Table with damageable "dead body":

Damageable wooden door in arch:

If you need something damageable for your game DM me in Discord


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The Damageable Object streamlines damage and destroying objects . Children of a Damageable Object that are 2048 cupcakes hit by a projectile (or another damage ... When you want to create your own custom damageable objects , you will want to start with the basic Damageable Object* from Core Content. On its ... Learn technical details about the damageable interface. ... Implemented by Fortnite objects that can be damaged. Verse using statement, using

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