Utopia - Cyberpunk


I present to you my first creation.
The game includes 4 Modes.
This takes place in a city with 5 Districts (North, South, East, West, Center), or (5 districts x 4 modes) 20 levels in all.

Real (Utopia - Cyberpunk)



Virtual (Crypte)

Of course, these 4 modes are linked together.

Thank you,

I joined the game through the first link. You made a very cool city and environment, I really like it!

A couple of small things I noticed (if you like some feedback):

  • The music is way too loud for me
  • Needs more attention to details, like objects clipping because of same height/overlapping, and some steps/platforms are too high so I can't just walk over it but I have to jump on it
  • Some objects have no collision while I think they should have (like walls, dirt piles, etc)
  • The "invisible" wall around the edges needs a bit more work, it looks a bit off for me

But the game gives me a very nice feeling and I think the layout is very nice!

Ok, of course the game is still under construction.
Many adjustments remain to be made.
I am thinking of developing it in RPG.
I will try to heed the comments ...
Thank you so much.

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Thank you, must say that there is a lot of preparation upstream.

Other games will follow soon following the same design process. (Real / Virtual mode)


The second and third opus has just been released on Core.

The second opus :

In the distant future, we are in the era of Renewal, which follows the Cyberpunk era (which takes place in the near future) where the first installment of the game ‚ÄúReal Future‚ÄĚ takes place.




Virtual (Double speed - Double jump.)

Of course these 4 Modes are linked together.

The third opus :

Welcome to the world capital, a flying and futuristic technopole Utopia.
In the very distant future we are in the galactic era, which follows the era of Renewal (which takes place in a distant future) where the second opus of the game "Réel Future" takes place.

Réal Mode - (Axiom Planet - Future Galactic (Double speed - Triple jump.))

Semi-Real Mode (Double speed - Triple jump.)

Semi-Virtual Mode

Virtual Mode (Kepler1649c)

Of course these 4 Modes are linked together.

Thank you,