[Utility] Advanced Game State (Manager & Display)

NAME: Advanced Game State
VERSION: 1.7.0

Take your games to the next level with a more advanced game state manager and display.

  • Require a particular amount of players to join before starting the lobby
  • End a round currently in progress if not enough players are within the game
  • Added a new round start state, this is perfect for countdowns before a round starts
  • And all of this works with a more advanced Game State Display!


  • Better UI design for Game State Display
  • A clock for overtime that displays the time
  • A easy to call function to pause a rounds time for x duration (great if you need to pause it for say a temp win state within that round, such as a goal being scored)
  • Multiple UI displays to choose from for your game state
  • More examples showing how to work a game state manager into your game

1.0: Initial release
1.1-1.5: New overtime state, bug fixes, and better visual displays
1.7 Overtime Counter



Lots of fun updates! The biggest one being a new overtime state. I eventually plan to convert my Core Soccer game to using this Advanced Game State Manager. Once I add an overtime state that is connected with a counter I'll be set.

1.1-1.5 Updates:

  • Added an overtime state (great for making games such as Core Soccer where overtime is part of the game)
  • Added a readme file to better explain the content
  • Created a new script called "OvertimeManagerServer" which shows how to detect when in an overtime state and how to end the state
  • Added display text when waiting for the required player amount
  • Countdown text is hidden while waiting for the required players
  • Fix bugs around not having enough players and the round end state not being called
  • Optimized code to use less network traffic
  • Updated folder names to have advanced in the name

The 1.7 Update is here!
A brand new overtime state counter that... well you guessed it... counts up!

"Waiting for more players..." text that shows when waiting for the required players that you set.

And changes to the folder setup to make it easier to look at and work with!