Use Enemy Ai


When I import this character from Community Content, I can't use him in the game.
Because it gives me an error
can some body help me?

You didn't provide the error. You should have included it in the post. But anyway, integrating NPCs is not trivial. First thing you should do is find out what version of the NPC kit was this character built with. You can do that by expanding its hierarchy and finding out of the scripts inside. Double -click the script to open it and read the version number at top. If it says 0.11 or greater, then it's compatible with the latest NPC AI kit and might work. If it's older it won't work. Start a new project, clone the NPC AI Kit project from Community Projects. You can create new NPCs by cloning the skeleton marksman and swapping the geometry. You can select and copy only the geometry of the scifi NPC from your current project, then switch to the new project and paste it. If you did this correctly it should not bring any scripts. If you mix different versions of NPC kit in the same project your going to have a bad time. See my YouTube tutorials. Even though they were recorded in an older version the workflows are still similar with latest version 1.0 (the main changes are hierarchy structure which is now optimized for networking).