Use a Humanoid Animated Mesh as a Costume for the Player?

I see how to create a custom costume, but I'd like to use the existing Military Animated Meshes as costumes for my Player characters? Is this possible please? If so, how? Thank you!

Flagged this for Manticore Staff to take a look. I'm also interested in this.

It's not possible in a nice sensible way.

You could potentially create a work-around by hiding the player server side via

player.isVisible = false

and then spawning a humanoid rig as a costume on the client side and attaching it to the player.

costume:AttachToPlayer(player, "root")

But you would then need to write your own animation controller, either selecting the best animation stance from player velocity / direction or extracting the animation stance from the hidden player and mapping it.

One problem is that the non-player animated rigs do not support the same animations as the player rig. So you would need to be able to control that.

I can also imagine a multitude of other problems around transitions between states. Ragdolling. I have no idea how well a third person camera would behave as I suspect some effort has already been put into it smoothly following the player, without scripted changes happening. Automatic IK for foot placement would be lost.

As Manticore have just started to release a new player avatar system (currently with no scripting support) I would be inclined to wait 6 months and see where it goes - there will inevitably be updates and changes to it, so heavily investing time now with the player avatar seems unwise.

It has been mentioned many times (including by me) that the current player avatar system is inflexible and limiting to costume changes and prevents implementing common themes to games.