UPDATE: VFX Template spawns in Preview but Not Published

UPDATE: It appears that the volumetric fog injector vfx is simply not working in a live environment. Has anyone else had any issues with using this object?


Hey all. I'm using Standardcombo's Universal Object Spawner to spawn a template containing a VFX volume at regular intervals. I use the same spawner to spawn treasure chests in dungeons. The template spawns and the VFX plays as it's supposed to in the shift+= preview mode. It self-destructs when the timer on it expires and then the spawner creates a new one when the respawn timer is up. It's not working when I publish it. The template is networked and it's throwing no errors in preview mode. I can't tell if the template is simply not being spawned or if the VFX is just not playing. Autoplay is on.

Any ideas? Thanks!

Did you ever figure this out. I having same issue. Works in solo preview but not multiplayer preview.

It worked again for me after a patch.