Update Bug (In Unlisted Mode!) What to do?! PLS HELP

Good day, i started to try make Games on Core. I maked my first Game in Unlisted Mode and want to update it but 2Times it worked and yet not anytime more (I maked 10Updates or somthing like that to get it work). What can i do to fix this?(I have question the Support but they didint can help me too they sayd because my PC has not the recommendation, but my Friend also tested it and the PC affords all the Recommendations, but it never work (dont 1 / 2 Times!), i have my driver on the highest version!) i have my Put My PC Specifications in Link, my Upload / Download in Link 2 and My Update details in Picture 3. Thanks to all in advance!

[PC Specifications][1] [Upload / Download][2] [Update Details][3] [1]: i.stack.imgur.com/c4J0r.png [2]: i.stack.imgur.com/kv3jA.png [3]: i.stack.imgur.com/LEhoB.png

I am utterly stumped. Perhaps your game files themselves have become corrupted?

Try this. On your create screen, click the menu options button on the thumbnail for your project. Clone the project. Attempt to publish the clone and see if that works.

Good day,
thanks for response i cloned and realesed it and all work fine, but then i added a few Structures to test the Update function and thes Structures dont appear.
(When it help here is the game link: CloneTest by YT_FyMa2618 - Core Games)

But the changes display in preview play? Perhaps you're client is just not updating the main game file on save and is republishing an unchanged version. Have you tried repairing your install?

How can i repear my Installation?

Uninstall and download and install a fresh copy. Probably the best way to go with that.

Ok, but when i delet / reinstall Core how can i save my Projects? Or they Automaticly saved in the Cloud?

That's a good question. They aren't saved on the cloud.. You might want to copy your game directories to a flash drive to be safe.

Ok, but where is the Core standart pathf? because i not can find them.

To find the path on your PC. In the Core Editor click on "File" then "Show Project in Explorer". This will open a window showing the save location for the current project. The rest of your projects will all be under the "Maps" folder.

Ok, thanks but is the Game allready published on this PC or dont because its do not cloud save?

That method I gave will show the path your install of Core is using to save your local copy of your game. When you publish it also saves a copy into the Core cloud but your local copy is what you work with in the editor and I assume that is what you are wanting to backup before you reinstall Core. I don't think a reinstall of Core will wipe your local saves but better safe than sorry.